Ella Rose Trike Adventure

It’s been a big week for Blantyre youngster, Ella Rose, a beautiful child with a history of complex medical issues.

At the young age of just 3, things have been more difficult in recent years than other children in her street. Like other wee girls, she loves playing with her dollies and getting outside. So it was a proud moment for parents this week when she passed her trike assessment, defying the physio! She’s shown family and friends a remarkable, strong will to ride her fantastic new bike out and about in the Village.

This month all our Supporter Subscriptions are going entirely to help make Ella Rose’s life a little bit more comfortable. All donations will go to her family to assist Ella Rose directly. We retain nothing.

How can YOU help?

Instantly unlock Breaking News, Alerts and additional local articles by clicking on the “Support Now” button below this post. For only £1.79 / month, you’re directly helping community good causes in Blantyre. (That’s less than the price of a cup of coffee and you can start/stop anytime.) We’re not even halfway through this month but already confident of making a donation of several hundred pounds to Ella Rose’s family at the end of the month. Let’s get that figure higher! Thanks for your support.

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[Disclaimer: The family of Ella Rose know about our September fundraiser and with their permission, are supportive]

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