Fundraising to August 2020

We’ve been reconciling all our Covid lockdown fundraising today and delighted to announce that between April and end of August 2020, we managed to raise a whopping £2,142 for Blantyre good causes!

Added to our overall fundraising total to date, it means Blantyre Telegraph (and its readers) have now raised a whopping £33,344 since the page started in 2011! It’s entirely been given to 209 local good causes, spreading a significant amount of cheer along the way and not one penny was retained by us!

People have been tremendously kind in recent months, through what was clearly difficult times for many. When things were most challenging, Blantyre people ‘rose to the occasion’ to help others with heartwarming gestures of kindness and offers of help.

Totals do not include the existing funds collected in our red charity tins throughout Blantyre shops, which have still to be added. As our magazine has now been stopped due to the Covid pandemic, our fundraising model shifts once again, back toward being more online. What a fantastic mechanism we have too in our new Supporters feature, collecting monthly subscriptions in return for providing lots more news!

You guys are all the best! Thank you for your continued support. It’s making a huge difference.

Further Information

We received donations from Gino, Peter Jump, a kind Blantyre lady who was trapped then at Liverpool, website subscriptions and adverts, our own donations and money raised from Blantyre Project books amounted to £1,106. This was distributed to community causes including to Mick McCann for toiletries for care homes, stamps and envelopes as the magazine was posted out free, food in the asda foodbank trolley, a donation to SNIPS for Hamilton Covid Warriors, to Krista’s Catchup for NHS Medical Equipment, a £500 prize for Lanarkshire’s Got Talent, to Glasgow Children’s Hospital and to the newly established Chase the Rainbow Group.

£140 raised from Subscriptions, adverts and Blantyre Project Books was entirely given to Ariannah’s 10k walk for Deaf Children, Ellie Craig ASDA vouchers to refund her pocket money, a donation to NHS for Lanarkshire Tik Tok Challenge, and a donation to the BOCS group for the excellent Trippdn festival during lockdown.

£130 raised from Subscriptions, adverts and Blantyre Project Books was entirely given to Chris O Neil towards a replaced stolen bike, a donation to 4 year old Robbie who was run down by a car and a donation to a local charity tin in Jinxy’s High Blantyre.

With £11 subscriptions and £359 raised from Blantyre Project Books, a total of £370 was divided to Gary Williams Sponsored cycle for Cancer treatment for 5 year old Isla and for the new Blantyre Playpark in the Village.

A fantastic first month for fundraising with £395 raised, £195 of it coming from our new Supporters Subscriptions service. The other £200 being raised by Blantyre Project through the continued sale of the new Blantyre People book. £195 was donated to help boost the David Livingstone Trusts campaign for the new Playpark at the Livingstone Birthplace and £180 given to MacMillan Cancer charity. £20 was set aside for a surprise gift, which we organised last week presenting an art set to 8 year old Emma Swan.

For absolute assurance, not one penny was taken or retained by Blantyre Telegraph. Each organisation and individual award will be able to verify what was received. Our website has been updated with donation and award records, in the interests of full transparency here.

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