Roller Skating for a Defibrillator

A Blantyre woman is well on her way to raising funds for a new Defibrillator for High Blantyre.

Laura Thomson is hoping to raise enough money to purchase at least two of these units along with outdoor storage cabinets that can be easily unlocked and keep the units in top condition.

One possible location will be near Family Shopper on Main Street.

These life saving devices are extremely easy to use yet could be the fine line between life or death for residents all over Blantyre. To help raise these funds, Laura will be doing a Roller skate marathon over 7 days.

So, if you see a grown woman out in about in Blantyre on a pair of roller skates, then be assured its all for a good cause and she’s not just trying to relive her youth!

You can help Laura reach her target here:

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