Coronavirus Update

The Scottish Government has met this morning and have issued a statement to help avoid speculation on what is coming.

However, the cabinet has not reached final decisions yet on what possible further restrictions could be coming. They are meeting again tomorrow morning with an announcement expected tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon.

Scotland faces a sharp rise in infection rates, particularly pronounced in Central Belt. 167 cases were in Lanarkshire in the last 24 hours. Cases are however rising everywhere in Scotland.

There’s been a LOT of speculation the last few days about what measures could be coming. What has been released today is more clarity on what will NOT happen.

Lockdown – Another lockdown is NOT being proposed. You won’t have to stay in your own homes like back in March.

Restrictions on Travel – Will NOT happen at this time.

Schools – Will NOT closely wholly or partially. Holidays will be as normal.

NHS – services will NOT be suspended

However, the Government are considering other measures in the short term to help reduce the virus. Perhaps regionally, or Nationally. The announcement tomorrow will also addresses economic factors.

An official announcement is expected for Scotland on Wednesday afternoon.

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