New Defibrillator for High Blantyre

How’s about this for a fantastic good news story! High Blantyre is getting a new defibrillator thanks to the successful fundraising efforts of local woman Laura Jane Thomson!

We reported last week how Laura was hoping to raise £1,500 to buy new life saving equipment for Blantyre. Throughout last week she embarked on a roller skating fundraiser round the streets of Blantyre and 43 people and businesses contributed to her just giving page.

She smashed it with £1,520 raised!

Laura told Blantyre Telegraph,” I’m so thrilled to bits! I’ve now been in touch with the organisation that is supplying the defib and storage box. I should have it in a couple weeks. “

She continued, “I’ve still got a few promised donations and I raised another £150 offline. Anything left over from purchasing will be put towards the second defib fundraiser. I just want to thank everyone for their generosity especially at this difficult time.”

“I’ve had so many people donate and I’ve had a huge help from a few local businesses including The Wee Wool shop, Jinxys Bakers, Strachan Butchers, Decorall ltd and of course Blantyre Telegraph. I’m absolutely over the moon that I’m able to now purchase this for our community.”

These life saving devices are extremely easy to use yet could be the fine line between life or death. It’s great to see several local businesses now have defibrillators and they’re spread through different areas of Blantyre.

Huge well done to Laura and thanks to everybody who donated who made this happen!

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