Carol Scott Nominated for NHS Award

Local woman, Carol Scott has been nominated for a prestigious NHS Award but needs YOUR vote to win.

Voting takes just 5 seconds with ONE click and you don’t have to enter ANY personal details!! You can vote here >>

This year the Scottish Health Awards 2020 introduced the People’s Choice Award to recognise the extraordinary work of NHS Scotland staff, social care staff and carers in responding to the Coronavirus (COVID- 19) pandemic.

There are now only 7 finalists (one of which is Carol) and we’re hoping people will lend their support to the Blantyre woman.

Carol volunteered to support patients moving from acute care to an intermediate care facility until they were ready to go home. Working 12-hour shifts despite caring for her mother, recently losing her father, and her partner being in recovery from cancer, Carol made sure patients were safe and well cared for.

Carol delivered excellent patient care during a difficult time, going above and beyond her given tasks.

She contracted COVID-19 and was extremely ill but kept in contact with colleagues through text and email despite being in isolation and unable to care for her mother. Once recovered, she went straight back to work.

The winner(s) will be announced during the virtual Scottish Health Awards ceremony on Wednesday 9 December.

You can vote here >>

Voting closes 6 November, 5pm!

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