What happens after 11th December?

We’ve seen some comments from people wondering if restrictions will continue beyond 11th December in Lanarkshire. Mostly from business owners. The answer is, they wont continue as Tier 4 Restrictions will be lifted in some capacity.

First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon confirmed this yesterday during her briefing which highlighted a desire for trading to resume on that vital run up to Christmas.

She said yesterday and we quote: “Level 4 restrictions in the areas that go into Level 4 today (Friday) will be lifted on the 11th of December. Before then we will have to make an assessment based on up-to-date data at the time about what levels these areas then go into.

“Will they go back to Level 3 or could some of them go to Level 2? We can’t make that assessment right now because we need to wait and see what the data is but the Level 4 restrictions will lift on the 11th of December”.

It’s hoped this lockdown will then see some degree of being able to do your Christmas Shopping on the High Street and the return of local business.

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