Body Shop at Home Consultant

Joanne Sajjad told us, “I am a local independent Body Shop at Home Consultant. I am based on Station Road but we deliver to our customers.”

Your Body Shop at Home Consultant is self employed and will remain open and operational during lockdown restrictions all around the country.

We deliver direct to your door.
Have contactless payments.
We are here for advise, recommendations and demos.

If you need skin care advise or gift ideas, just drop me a message for a personal consultation.

I joined body shop because since using Body Shop products I wondered why I never switched sooner. I thought I would never find products that I loved to use and where I could really see a difference. I spent years with dry, troublesome skin that I thought would never find a solution too. But you don’t have to put up with these blemishes in your life that prevent you from feeling like your living.

You could join too. You can work when you free, fix your schedule around your job, kids or hobbies. The body shop teams are a family of support.

If you decided it’s not for you after joining that’s ok, you still get to keep your kit, but there is no pressure, no targets, just opportunities and rewards. What are you waiting for?


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