Saving North Lanarkshire’s Christmas

Blantyre lighting company “Phoenix Specialist Solutions” have teamed up with Motherwell Football Club to save Christmas in North Lanarkshire.

Residents and community groups were left stunned earlier this month to discover that North Lanarkshire Council weren’t going to put up festive street lights in their towns. This followed budget cuts in whats been a difficult year.

Can you imagine for a second what would have happened if South Lanarkshire Council had made that same decision?! Well, residents in North Lanarkshire weren’t taking this and something had to be done.

Councillors have clashed in recent months over the decision to remove the lights and not provide trees this year.

In steps Phoenix and Motherwell Football club. Obtaining the lights from council storage, the businesses teamed up to put up the street lights in Motherwell and neighbouring Wishaw.

During these challenging and unusual times, we hope that seeing the lights can bring community spirit and a sense of normality to people in these neighbouring towns.

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