Missing Hot School Meals

High Blantyre Primary School pupils have missed out on a hot school dinner for over 2 weeks in a row.

According to South Lanarkshire Council’s website a standby menu may be introduced at “short notice” due to the “uncertainty of Covid-19”and includes cold substitutes such as cheese sandwiches and cucumber batons.

Councillor Bert Thomson said: “I agree councils should be doing more and using all resources to make sure children are served an adequate meal.”

The Labour politician added he appreciates council resources are under “unprecedented pressures” but highlighted the well being of children is “paramount”.

Parents were informed through the school’s app on 23 November which stated: “The school and nursery lunches will be operating by the standby menu for the rest of the week due to staffing.”

The chair of human nutrition at Glasgow Royal Infirmary Professor Mike Lean said: “Nutritionally complete sandwiches are exactly as good as a nutritionally complete hot meal.”

Most parents are sympathetic towards the action the school has taken one parent said: “A hot meal would be a preference for many kids but the staff are doing what they can in difficult times and still making sure the kids are fed and that’s the main thing.”

The council have stated: “This menu will only come into effect if/when our team of catering professionals are not in a position to provide our extensive advertised menu. The School will endeavour to keep any changes to a minimum and notify parents/carers as soon as possible.”

With thank to Columnist, Jordan Tennant for this article.

Have your say. Is this happening in other schools at present? Is this simply to be expected in these unprecedented times?

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