Food Waste – A Solution?

This time next week , preparations may be underway for a Boxing Day Dinner. It’s a timely reminder that this tough year has an an impact on many people’s finances and ability to afford provisions.

Foodbanks have been under enormous strain this year and in some cases volunteers halved due to having to work safely. Looking to the subject of what can be done to help, we recently chatted to Mo, the owner of ‘Jacks of Blantyre’ store on Main Street, High Blantyre.

Jacks has a trolley by the checkouts, which on the day food best before is due to expire, will be marked down in price. At the end of the day, the food will still be good for a couple of days after and this is where we seek YOUR help.

Normally the food would be thrown out and donating to foodbanks has logistical problems of getting it there, sorting it and sending it out to families, meaning it would likely be no use by then.

An appeal goes out to community organisations who could collect this food and put it to the best use. I.e being used that very day or next. This could be for a variety of good causes, from handing in to sheltered housing, to use by groups themselves.

Our local foodbank delivered over 9,000 parcels last year locally. There MUST be a good cause for the food, but it needs a kind individual or groups to ensure its collected regularly and distributed with maximum benefit within the community.

Any ideas?

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