‘Mibbies Aye’ Gets it Right First Time

With takeaways forced to adapt in recent weeks, there’s one nearby business who seems to have found a working business model that’s allowed them to be open throughout the pandemic.

‘Mibbies Aye’ in Hamilton are an artisan sandwich shop and pride themselves on quality. Like all other businesses last year, being concerned about public safety was top priority and as soon as the pandemic started last year, they took the difficult business decision to “flip the layout of their shop around”. It was a move that proved most effective.

It meant the sandwich shop could sell from a hatch, safely from a window to customers right from the start of the pandemic. The move proved beneficial allowing them to remain open throughout the year. Now in another lockdown, current rules preventing customers from actually going inside takeaways, the move has again proved to be good foresight.

As most takeaway businesses are forced to stand at their door and take orders from customers, bringing out the food in all weather, Mibbies Aye’s hatch for the last year has been a welcome addition.

One of their proud employees told us, “We’ve not had a delivery driver or customer in the shop since. The shop has been thriving and has been fantastic to continue to work under the circumstances.”

She continued, “10 months on and we’re operating better than ever as we adapt to a new way of working. I’m proud of what’s been achieved in such difficult times and we’ve never been closed from day one due our excellent system. I think this is the new normal and many businesses will possibly want to take a similar approach in the long term, perhaps supporting when a return for customers inside the shops eventually arrive again.”

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