Charitable Donation to Rumbling Tums

Blantyre based,charitable group Western Desert Recce Group made a fantastic food donation today to EK charity, Rumbling Tums.

We were delighted to be invited along at midday to Blantyre Industrial Estate to the premises of the Group. The charity renovates wartime vehicles as a hobby and were out in force today showing not just examples of their astonishing completed work, but were also making a most worthy donation of food to foodbank, “Rumbling Tums”

As dozens of bags of food were handed over, Colin McLean of Rumbling Tums told us, “I’d like to say thank you for this much appreciated donation. Well done to everybody who donated.” The sun was out for the event and today the focus was on helping others. The food was all handed over just after midday.

The vehicles themselves were most interesting. The group, some of them ex or existing forces have funded the vehicle renovations themselves and are in need of sponsorship. Inside their building are WW1 and WW2 display rooms with uniforms, memorabilia and items from various theatres of war. As you can see, they are most dedicated in their efforts with each vehicle looking incredible. Inside their incredible workshop were further vehicles at different stages of renovation as well as props they were working on for the history time travelling series, “Outlander”.

Colin McLean is pictured with charity members Major Gary Wallace, Neil Lennon, Iain Dargie and Derek Kerr.

We’d like to say thanks for the interesting tour and for the groups kindness and well done again to everybody who donated!

For more information, or if you want to join the group and give yourself a fantastic hobby, please see here:    

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