Telecommunications Mast

Planning application has been submitted for the erection of a huge 20 metre high telecommunications mast at Main Street, High Blantyre.

The proposals on grassy land 15m East of 241 Main Street at Larkfield Drive, High Blantyre also has an associated cabinet and ancillary works.

The tall 5G mast by THREE network would be incredibly visible from Main Street on the grass at the junction, towering some 5m higher than double the height of the neighbouring houses.

You can have your say and see more details about this proposal here:

Whats the thoughts, folks?

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  1. You have clout with the Scot.Assembly do you not? Get it sorted.

  2. think you have me mixed up with somebody else. Im a construction manager in the water industry with no political connections. I’m quite confident that you Rita are probably more connected to goings on in the Scottish Assembly than me.

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