Anti Social Behaviour

We’re seeing a rise in anti social behaviour in Blantyre as lockdown has come to an end and groups of youths take to the streets. Our supporters group page has a growing number of stories about fires, vandalism and theft in the last couple of weeks, with youths observed as culprits.

The latest incident was at High Blantyre Primary School, where unfortunately once again there has been significant damage in the school grounds over the weekend. The schools supported classes playhouse has been deliberately vandalised and is now unsafe for use. The janitor spent a few hours this morning clearing up the mess and all the litter left in the school grounds.

The school has also had complaints from local residents about noise and general anti social behaviour in the playground until late at night, during the week and at weekends.

All incidents have been reported to the police. Residents are urged to contact police immediately if they see unruly behaviour in any school playground outwith hours or indeed at any time in Blantyre’s public parks.

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