Our April Fundraising

The totals are in for our April 2021 fundraising here at Blantyre Telegraph and what an AMAZING month it’s been with some tremendous things happening at the end of lockdown. As always, it’s YOU who’s made it happen. We’re delighted to announce a whopping £3,003 was raised for Blantyre good causes!

With £220 raised by our Supporter Group Subscriptions, £100 by public donations, £99 from the sale of Blantyre Project books and £2,584 from our Just Giving Page, added to our overall fundraising total to date, it means Blantyre Telegraph (and its readers) have now raised a whopping £41,734 since the page started in 2011! 

This month saw some generous donations, dividing out £3,003 entirely back to the Blantyre community. We donated:

a) £2,584 to the David Livingstone Trust towards the new Playpark currently being built.
b) £200 to TACT Healthy Garden at Coatshill to allow them to buy further much needed plants.
c) £119 donated to MacMillan Cancer Support after learning cancer deaths had increased during lockdown.
d) and finally £100 was handed over to Mick McCann to give Andy Simm at the Miners Welfare for our joint fundraiser to provide new, engraved memorial extensions on the miners obelisk memorial at High Blantyre Cemetery.

Not one penny was retained by us!

Our website has been updated with donation and award records, in the interests of full transparency here. https://theblantyretelegraph.com/raised/

As Blantyre Telegraph grows from strength to strength, we thank you for your continued interest and overwhelming support, making this possible. In April and May we’re going to raise money to buy Bonnie Blantyre a new shed for the community garden next to the Miners Welfare.

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Getting local news daily AND helping the community! What a winning formula!! Thanks for all your support, liking, sharing and commenting.

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