We’ve Donated a New Shed!

Time for a good news story! Thanks to the kind subscriptions of hundreds of Blantyre Telegraph Supporters, we’ve donated a brand new shed to the amazing new Community Garden!

The volunteers took delivery at the end of May and thanks to the McCrory family (with instructions missing)!, some hard work was put in to build it. The shed will be put to great use, primarily by the volunteers and Bonnie Blantyre to help with their gardening activities. They had been busy building a base in readiness.

We used May Subscriptions to buy it and will need to use forthcoming June subscriptions too, to cover the entire £475 cost. As such, we won’t be making a further community award until the start of July.

Thanks to supporters, who enjoy hidden, extra Blantyre news on this page, the volunteers at the new Community garden got a fantastic wee working store and place to hide from the rain!

Please continue to show your support by staying subscribed. Your £1.79/month is directly helping Blantyre causes in ways that are being hugely appreciated throughout the community. We retain nothing.

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