Easing of Restrictions – What’s Coming & When?

With July nearly upon us, the next few weeks for Scotland will see a HUGE step towards some more normality. It’s been a while since we posted about Covid, so let’s have a quick reminder what the Scottish Government plans are this summer.

All being well with health data, the 19th July and 9th August are shaping up to be BIG dates for Scotland. The August date hopes to remove most of its major legal Covid restrictions, the country’s first minister has announced. Ms Sturgeon said this would allow life in Scotland to return to “almost complete normality”.

19th July 2021

  1. The whole of Scotland will move to Level 0 if all necessary vaccination and harm reduction measures are met. This is the same date as England will lift their restrictions, following recent extensions.
  2. Physical distancing outdoors will be removed and physical distancing for indoor public places will reduce to 1m if the data allows

What does this mean?
The move to level zero will increase the number of people who are allowed to meet up indoors, cut the requirement for physical distancing indoors from 2m (6.5ft) to just 1m (3.2ft), and increase the number of people allowed to attend wedding and funerals to 200

9th August 2021

  1. All major COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted if the necessary conditions on vaccination and harm reduction continue.
  2. Physical distancing indoors will be removed.

What does this mean?
This will include the lifting of the legal requirement to physically distance indoors as well as outdoors it has been suggested by the Scottish Government, finally allowing people back into shops, pubs, restaurants and venues to their legal capacities. This will allow almost all businesses to fully trade as normal. It would also mean a full return for fans to football stadiums coinciding with the start of the new football season and a return to celebration functions like party nights and concerts.

But the government will NOT advise an immediate return to full office working on the 9th August – and people will still be required to wear face masks in some settings, for example still on public transport though these are expected to rapidly be lifted upon further review. There should be “appropriate phasing” of the return of workers to offices after 9 August, with the government “encouraging continued support for home working where it is possible”.

The routemap is being driven by the speed of the rollout of the vaccine programme with sufficient immunity expected by those dates. Whilst Covid is likely to be with us for some time, with thanks to the vaccine programme, normality can closely be resumed and it looks like we’re all nearly there to that being a reality!

[Source: https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-daily-data-for-scotland/ ]

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