Calderwood Street Party 2021

If you’re hearing music in High Blantyre today, it’s because of a fantastic Street Party! Calderwood Drive is a street who likes a great Summer Party.

Every year, the householders decorate the whole street with bunting, put up gazebos and take to dancing in the street with refreshments, BBQs and food for all the neighbours. The party is arranged and hosted by Amanda Coulter, Christine Stiller, Jasmine Macdonald, Lynda Frew and Jodie Cushley who along with other volunteers put in some effort to ensure the day is a success! In fact, its safe to say the street contributed all together to make this fun for the kids (and adults like!)

Many of the residents have put up gazebos and there’s been dancing in the street!

The street party is for residents only and selected friends and on until 8pm. The kids are clearly all having a ball before they go back to school with games and prizes on offer! Fantastic to see such wonderful community spirit after the difficult last 16 months.

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