Road Traffic Accident – An Update

A child was knocked down on Stonefield Road, Blantyre last night, Friday 6th August 2021 promoting many messages to our page asking after his condition.

The accident happened around 5.50pm on Friday afternoon and emergency services attended the scene quickly after. The lad was however injured after being hit by a vehicle and was taken to University Hospital, Wishaw.

With many local residents asking after his wellbeing, and with permission from his family, we’ve followed up the story and can provide readers with an update.

Blantyre lad, Alex Law [pictured] unfortunately suffered a fractured skull during the accident. His condition is thankfully stable today but unfortunately means he will be left with a large scar to his head.

A special mention must go to the kind wee boy and helpful lady who stayed with Alex until the Services arrived.

Thanks to subscribed supporters of Blantyre Telegraph, today, we sent Alex’s mother Carriann, a £50 gift voucher, a wee treat her son and we hope he can buy something to put a smile back on his face.

We hope Alex makes a speedy recovery.

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