Don’t Ignore Cancer Signs

With statistics showing less people have been seen by doctors in the last year than previous, a warning goes out NOT to ignore symptoms that could be more serious than you think.

Stomach pain or a new cough that does not go away could be cancer and these symptoms should be checked out.

Thousands of people could be risking their lives by delaying seeking medical help and it is worth remembering cancers detected at an early stage can often be treated quickly and easily.

Medical Research suggests three in five people in the UK don’t want to bother the NHS, while others are simply not aware of common cancer symptoms.

Signs and symptoms

Experts believe abdominal cancers – throat, stomach, bowel, pancreatic, ovarian – and urological cancers – prostate, kidney and bladder – are the most likely to go unrecognised.

They account for 44% of all cancer diagnoses and two in five deaths from cancer, NHS figures show.

Possible signs of these cancers include:

  • discomfort in the tummy area for three weeks or more
  • persistent diarrhoea 
  • constantly feeling sick
  • blood in your urine

If you have any of these symptoms for three weeks or more, you are advised to tell your GP.

Any other unusual changes, such as a lump in the tummy area, post-menopausal bleeding, or unexplained weight loss, can also be signs of cancer and mean you should speak to your GP.

Lung cancer symptoms, which are often missed, include:

  • a cough for three weeks or more that is not Covid
  • chest infections that keep coming back
  • coughing up blood
  • tiredness or lack of energy that does not go away

A spokesperson for the Scottish Government said it was vital that people raised any health worries with their doctor and continued to go to regular check-ups and appointments when invited.

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