Weegies – hit Prime Video Comedy Show

A locally based Comedy Series is taking Amazon Prime Video by storm!

It’s the comedy show people are all talking about. The incredibly funny, ‘Weegies‘ follows the lives of Steve & George, two hapless, aspiring actors struggling to get their big break, whilst navigating through modern life in Glasgow with their hopeless friends.

This brand new, independent Scottish comedy series recently launched on Prime Video was co written by Matthew Joseph-Campbell, a Burnbank man

Matthew told us, “The show celebrates what it is to be a young person living in Scotland and does not revolve around any stereotypes but proudly represents the multicultural, friendly and inclusive nature of a wonderful city. Glasgow is the backdrop for a show that is focused on character, relationships and patter. When myself and Stephen Arthur (my writing partner) began the process of writing ‘Weegies’, we wanted to create something that young people in Glasgow could feel proud about rather than patronised by. We wanted to showcase the best features of Glasgow such as its diversity, its warmth and its humour.”

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2017, production on Weegies Series 1 was successfully completed in early 2021 with the first two episodes premiering to a sell out audience at St Luke’s.

The show has been described as a cross between Still Game and Extras and consists of five, twenty-five minute episodes, all independently produced and filmed with Landing Light studios and now streaming exclusively for free on Prime Video.

The team are very active on social media under @weegiesofficial and their website link is;www.Weegies.tv . They can be found on Prime Video by searching ‘Weegies’.


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