Discoloured Water- An update

We’re still getting messages this week about discoloured tapwater in the Newton and Blantyre areas.

For assurance, the water can be used as normal. The discolouration is due to seasonal naturally occurring manganese levels present in the source water for Daer Water Treatment Works.

While the treatment process is effective at removing bacteria and chemical impurities from raw water it does not entirely remove manganese.

The levels of manganese continue to reduce and stabilise however some customers may still experience a brownish tinge to the water. Scottish Water are continuing to carry out work at the treatment works to reduce the manganese levels and the associated discolouration issues currently being experienced. Please be assured it is completely safe. We have been told the main postcode areas affected are: G71,G72,G73,G74,G75, parts of G76, ML1,ML2,ML3,ML6,ML9,ML11.

We hope this helps and reassures. The issue should be resolved in due course and whilst its safe to drink its appreciated the discolouration may put people off doing that for now.

For more info , please see here: https://www.scottishwater.co.uk/In-Your-Area/Service-Updates/Lanarkshire-Discoloured-Water-17082021?fbclid=IwAR3-0I-4HSG_V9YaJfQwMqtMcztHJD44b_3W_YyKcLbzPfK4wUR6Lwo_pFQ


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