Update Discoloured Tapwater

Parts of Lanarkshire are unfortunately still experiencing discoloured tapwater with further prolonged rainfall needed to resolve the water discolouration. Today’s rain has helped the situation significantly.

In a statement posted yesterday 29th September, Scottish Water said, “We are continuing to work as hard as possible to help the small number of customers still experiencing water discolouration in parts of Lanarkshire. 

The discolouration has been caused by naturally occurring manganese levels in the water supply.”

Parts of the west of Scotland have had the lowest levels of rainfall for 160 years and reservoir levels across Scotland are at their lowest for this time of year since 2003 and in some parts of Lanarkshire the lowest this century.

Reservoir levels across Scotland are now at 57% after being at 98% in early April. 

Scottish Water added, “We are monitoring the water supply closely and continue with rigorous sampling and testing programmes throughout. We would remind those customers still affected that, while their water might not look normal yet, it can be used for drinking, cooking, bathing and showering.”


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