DeddyPool now on Social Media!

Blantyre has a new Community hero! All wrapped up in Red & Black awesomeness is DEDDYPOOL, the mystery superhero with a BIG charitable heart.

You may have seen several posts already about this mystery superhero dropping by at local events and kids parties and has certainly made an interesting sight when spotted walking round Blantyre’s streets.

Deddypool, is a take of course on Deadpool, but (thankfully) in a MUCH more friendly, family manner. Deddypool never charges a penny for appearances and seems to like a photo or two! If you see him…..just ask! Maybe you have a photo of him already?! Putting a smile on the faces of many people in the community is exactly what we all need just about now!

The purpose of this article? Deddypool is now on social media, with a brand new, dedicated facebook page. Please do smash the like button and let’s show our support.


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