November Donations

We’re thrilled this evening to make TWO fantastic donations to local causes, with sincere thanks to the hundreds of people in our Supporters Group who made this possible. After all, this is why this page exists.

First, a nice Paypal donation this evening of £100.00 goes to the ‘Westcraigs at Heart group’ to help their fundraiser for a new defibrillator.The group are hosting a ladies night on 26th November to raise money towards the new equipment. This donation should help buy some prizes for raffles.

The balance of Supporter Subscriptions go towards kick starting the annual ‘Blantyre Toy Drive 2021’.

Now in it’s fourth year, we’re be teaming up with local businesses Agnews and Glen Travel to ensure many local children will receive free gifts. We’ll be officially launching the ‘Blantyre Toy Drive 2021’ tomorrow and there will be numerous ways you can get involved! Its hoped the community can raise enough funds to buy many small toys as gifts then arrange for Santa to freely be able to give these out in early December at pre-arranged set times with the kind assistance of Glen Travel and Agnews.

The Toy Drive has been a MASSIVE success in previous years with hundreds of children of all ages each year receiving a free gift from Santa. Blantyre Telegraph monthly subscriptions in this coming month will also be added to this total to help buy further toys. Thanks for the continued support of all Subscribers.

Blantyre Telegraph fundraising has now hit £44,318 for 244 local good causes with not one penny retained.

Want the news faster. Unlock the full Blantyre News as it happens and help great local causes like this. Hit the ‘Become a Supporter’ button below this post. Thanks.


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