Ruby Flowers helping Maggies

West-end florist, Ruby Grimes has shared plants which formed centre-pieces at the recent New York Times Climate Hub for COP26 in Glasgow with cancer charity, Maggie’s, in a show of sustainability and goodwill to Maggie’s centre visitors.

Ruby, who runs Ruby Flowers close to SWG3 on Eastvale Street, Glasgow, which hosted the New York Time Climate Hub throughout COP26, said: ““My plants formed centre pieces in addition to the fantastic towering forest which was created in the Think Tank at SWG3 by award winning artist Es Devlin.

“Events at SWG3 were attended by the likes of Al Gore, Greta Thunberg and Emma Watson, so it was a real honour to be asked to decorate the dining area. It looked absolutely stunning in all of its green finery and was very apt for COP26! The plants were chosen for their sustainability rather than fresh flowers which would have died after the event.

“It felt only right to re-purpose the beautiful plants, heathers and ferns that had been used to adorn the tables at SWG3 for the recent New York Times Climate Hub.

“Maggie’s Glasgow is a place that is close to my heart and I knew that the staff there would be able to make good use of the plants either by replanting them in their beautiful garden or by sharing them with their centre visitors. It felt so good to be a part of COP26 in my home city, doing something sustainable with the plants and being able to share the love on!”

Laura Tulloch,Centre Fundraising Manager for Maggie’s Glasgow said: “It was very kind of Ruby to think of Maggie’s Glasgow when she was lining up a new home for the plants. We were absolutely delighted to receive them and will certainly be sharing the love on. Some of the plants will be used in part of our garden, where many visitors come simply to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet, and many centre visitors will be taking some home.”

To find out more about Maggie’s Glasgow please tel 0141 357 2269  or email


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