Agnew’s Christmas Parties Success

Up to 100 Blantyre kids have been delighted this week to be treated to a festive meal and party at Agnews on Glasgow Road!!

They descended in two visits from Hyper Cyber to Billy’s Cafe where they enjoyed some delicious food. Afterwards, each child visited Santa on the premises and thanks to the Blantyre Telegraph Supporters and those donating to the Annual Toy Drive, every child got a FREE gift of toys or sweets. A further visit is planned from Terminal One next week.

This is only Part 1 of the Annual Toy Drive. Tomorrow, even more kids from babies up to age 12 will be back to Glen Travel to visit Santa for their own festive visit. We’ll be covering the event, there on the day and no doubt be posting all about it here.

As you can see from the photos, there were a LOT of happy faces! Well done to everybody who donated and of course to David Agnew and his staff for organising.


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