Power Restored

There was a power cut this morning in some parts of Blantyre and Hamilton. A few intermittent power losses occurred early this morning, Monday 3rd January 2022.

Scottish Power are reporting this has now been resolved. Areas affected were:

G659QH, G720EL, G720XY, ML3, ML30GB, ML30NA, ML30NF, ML30NJ, ML30NL, ML30NQ, ML30QD, ML30QG, ML30QJ, ML30QL, ML30QN, ML30QP, ML30QR, ML30QS, ML30QT, ML30QW, ML30QX, ML30QY, ML30QZ, ML30RG, ML30RH, ML30RJ, ML30RQ, ML30RS, ML39HN, ML39HS, ML39HW, ML39HX, ML39HZ, ML39JB

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