Prom is back on!

When Calderside Academy told their senior pupils there would be no prom party this year, you can imagine their disappointment. It didn’t seem fair when other High Schools in the area are allowing their proms to go ahead.

Several difficult years of schooling ending with no party with friends.

One local mum decided to do something about it. Gail Duncan has organised a prom party for the youngsters, away from the school. With kind help from Blantyre Vics for a venue and other businesses helping out, the party is back ON! Gail has created a fundraising page and aiming for £1,000 to be raised.

Yesterday, thanks to hundreds of kind people on our Supporters Group, we have used their small subscriptions to donate £200.00 to this cause, with the donation given to Gail already. This is the sort of thing that our Supporters Group can REALLY help with. Thank you sincerely to all.

Well done!


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