Car Crashes into Asda

A car crashed into the side of Blantyre Asda, Lanarkshire today.

The male driver of the white vehicle lost control just before mid morning earlier today, Wednesday 26th January. Unfortunately the car left the carpark, crossed up over the pavement on to the verge, crashing with some force into the brick external wall of the superstore.

It is understood the driver was uninjured but left shaken. The accident also caused significant damage to the vehicle and has left the Asda building damaged. The car came to rest against a steel column, with the impact heard inside by startled shoppers.

Witness Christine Hall told Blantyre Telegraph this morning, “I was there just after happened, Police were there and the fire brigade too, though the ambulance hadn’t yet arrived. I was told the gentleman in car got his foot stuck under pedal. He was in ambulance outside when I left and that he was shook up but no serious injury. Hope what I was told is true and gentleman involved is ok”

The area has now been cordoned off as the damage is assessed.


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