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Vehicle Theft – High Blantyre

Scumbags have stolen a car last night in High Blantyre. This Ford Fiesta ST (pictured) was stolen from outside a female resident’s house on High Blantyre’s Main Street during the night in the early hours of Sunday 25th April 2021. The car has been reported as stolen to the police. Residents are urged to check […]

Tree Smashes Car Roof

An alarming incident happened this morning at High Blantyre, when part of a large tree crashed through the roof of a passing car with a mother and child inside. This was the scene this morning when a large, heavy branch fell from the old tree in the Kirk Cemetery crashing down on to red Jeep […]

Vehicle Break In, Blantyre

An alert goes out to remind people to check their vehicles are locked. This follows after a car was broken into last night in the early hours of Thursday 7th May 2020 at Glenfruin Road, Blantyre. The woman whose car was targeted, admitted she had left it unlocked by accident. Nothing of value was in […]

Car Abandoned

Take care at Newhousemill Road, on the backroads to East Kilbride. As you approach the bridge, there is an abandoned car which has been there for some time. Despite the obstruction, the road is still open and passable, through traffic may be slower than usual.

Burned Out Car

A burned out car lies abandoned in the carpark at Redlees Park, just off Blantyre Ferme Road. We’re unsure if this was the car others reported on fire a few evenings ago? However, for the information of those who use the park, it’s now been phoned in for removal.

Vandalism at Iona Path

A Blantyre lady was shocked to discover her car had been badly vandalised, when she was leaving for work this morning, Thursday 1st August 2019. At some point through the night, her car parked in Iona Path had its wing mirror broken off and a key run deeply along the length of the vehicle, damaging […]