Tree Smashes Car Roof

An alarming incident happened this morning at High Blantyre, when part of a large tree crashed through the roof of a passing car with a mother and child inside.

This was the scene this morning when a large, heavy branch fell from the old tree in the Kirk Cemetery crashing down on to red Jeep Cherokee.

An articulated lorry was passing the top cross around 9am this morning, Wednesday 21 October 2020 when it clipped the overhanging branch of the large tree in the cemetery. A massive, heavy branch fell down suddenly, smashing through the roof a woman’s car, with her 8 year old daughter inside. The force was so sudden, it popped panels off the car, smashed the lights and left the vehicle unsafe for driving. The mother and child were on the school run and left very shaken and shocked, through otherwise thankfully uninjured.

Damage to the car was significant. The lorry driver did stop and with assistance of another man removed the tree branches from the road to the pavement.

Photo Courtesy: O Neill. (Taken a little after once the damaged car was removed)

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