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Tree Down at Clyde Walkway

Walkers on the Clyde Walkway should be aware a large tree has fallen down. On the path leading from the Railway Station to John Street, just beyond Woodburn, this big tree came down over the path. It is passable, but may to some present a bit of an obstacle. Probably one for the council to […]

Tree Smashes Car Roof

An alarming incident happened this morning at High Blantyre, when part of a large tree crashed through the roof of a passing car with a mother and child inside. This was the scene this morning when a large, heavy branch fell from the old tree in the Kirk Cemetery crashing down on to red Jeep […]

Storm Damage

With today’s strong gale force winds, it was inevitable there was going to be some storm damage. We’re receiving reports tonight that a tree has fallen near Greenhall Park, obstructing one direction of traffic on the B7012 Hamilton Road at High Blantyre. The tree is forcing drivers to cross into the other side to get […]

Tree on Fire at Calder

It’s taken nearly a hundred years for this tree to grow, but just one day to destroy! This tree is on fire down the Calder at Milheugh. Set in one of Blantyre’s most beautiful areas, it was deliberately set alight by some selfish idiot and as of midday today, Sunday 17 November, it’s still smouldering, […]