Blantyre LIDL to be demolished

South Lanarkshire Council have this week approved plans for LIDL to demolish their Blantyre store near the Whistleberry Roundabout.

Planning permission was granted for the demolition, but for assurance LIDL intend to stay in the town. LIDL have been granted permission for a modern, larger rebuild.

The new supermarket will be larger with a better layout and have many eco friendly features, such as arrays of solar panels on the roof. Attention too is being given to bottle bank deposit scheme. The new store will have a larger shop entrance facing out to Glasgow Road, although entry will still be by the same, existing access road off the roundabout. The existing car park of 113 spaces, whilst not currently fully utilised would be reduced to 91 spaces to make room for the larger shop footprint.

It is unknown when construction will take place at this time.

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