Power Cuts

There is a power cut affecting certain parts of Blantyre. Scottish Power Energy Networks first became aware of it at 10.49pm this evening, Sunday 20th March 2022.

It may be intermittent causing lights to flicker or in some cases complete loss of power. Engineers are aware and the resolution is expected before 1am.

Postcodes affected include: G329HN, G720GH, G720JF, G720JG, G720JL, G720JP, G720LF, G720LG, G720LJ, G720LS, G720LT, G720LW, G720LX, G720LY, G720NA, G720NE, G720NG, G720NH, G720NJ, G720NL, G720NR, G720NS, G720NT, G720NY, G720NZ, G720PA, G720PB, G720PD, G720PE, G720PF, G720PP, G720PR, G720PU, G720PZ, G720QB, G720QD, G720QF, G720QH, G720UZ, G720WT, G720WU, G720WW, G720WX, G720XR, G720XS, G720XU, G720XX, G721AA, G729DB, G729DD, G729DE, G729DF, G729DG, G729DH, G729DJ, G729DL, G729DN, G729DP, G729DR, G729DS, G729DT, G729DU, G729DW, G729DX, G729EB, G729EH, G729EJ, G729EL, G729EN, G729EP, G729EQ, G729ER, G729ES, G729ET, G729EU, G729EW, G729EX, G729HA, G729HB, G729HD, G729JS, G729JY, G729LE, G729LQ, G729RR, G729RU, ML31AA

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