Historic Sponsorship Bolsters League

The South Challenge Cup has changed name after a company stepped forward to inject vital cash into junior football.

The Cup – for which Blantyre play – is now known as the TradeRadiators.com South Challenge Cup after Trade Radiators, a Glasgow heating firm, put in much-needed money.

Chairman of Kilwinning Rangers, Colin Boyd, was quick to express how the new sponsorship will benefit all teams in the league.

“It has been a difficult pandemic for sport in general”, said Boyd, “and of course for the communities where the games are played.

“I really appreciate this cash boost, which will help junior football thrive. People sometimes overlook junior football, but I believe it is where football is played in its rawest essence.

“Everyone in community football will be very happy that the league’s survival is being assured by new sponsors coming forward.”

Fans are already enjoying the Cup’s 15th year after a lot of anticipation during lock-down. There has been further enthusiasm following the addition of 20 new teams competing this year to bring the total competing sides up to 162.

Nic Auckland of Trade Radiators said: “We are delighted to sponsor the Cup and show our commitment to local football.

“Sport brings people from different backgrounds and with different abilities together and is an important part of our national heritage.”

Newfound support goes a long way to assisting the Cup and supporting local teams – The Buffs included.

Cup Competition Secretary Richard Osborne thanked the new sponsor:

“It is an honour to accept their sponsorship, and we greatly appreciate their support for the Cup and all its teams.”

Sponsorship and football have always gone hand in hand, but this crucial part of football is hugely important to non-league teams at tier five, six, and seven. Unlike the more popular teams and higher tier leagues, teams and Cups at lower leagues don’t get the broadcast coverage that can lead to massive sponsors.

The new money will provide kits, training room renovation, and help with the upkeep of club websites.

Article Courtesy of David Stewart


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