The Industrial Clocktower

There’s a new landmark in High Blantyre. Contractors have last week installed a brand new working ‘clocktower’ at the Industrial Estate. The Blantyre Industrial Estate at High Blantyre now looks a little different as contractors complete the remaining new cladding, tidying up the former tired aesthetics of the existing units. However, it was the installation of this prominent “clocktower” at Block 7 which has given the estate a whole new fresh and contemporary look. 

As you can see the tower, which sits opposite “The Cafe” is especially nice at nighttime. Lit up, it looks very modern and has been welcomed by surrounding local businesses.

The estate built in the mid 1940’s has seen many changes over the decades and hundreds of businesses come and go. Today, the units are once again well occupied and it’s good to see some investment has gone into making most of the units attractive for rental for both large and small businesses.

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