Broadband Door Sales

Groups of broadband salespeople appear to have arrived in Blantyre, calling door to door this weekend.

We’ve been receiving messages about whether its a scam or not.

The same thing happened in Bellshill and Hamilton last week, with many people taking to social media to express their concern about whether the sales tactics were legitimate. There’s been some active debate on Lanarkshire forums after some of the callers were unable to produce ID, others leaving quickly when challenged and suspicions aroused when bank details were asked for. This caution has been countered by some people who allegedly did check with parent companies and were satisfied.

The callers have sometimes been individuals, sometimes pairs or in threes, both male and female and of varying ages.

This is most likely connected to the current rollout of ultra fast broadband in these towns, including Blantyre which has certainly seen Broadband firms scrambling for new customers, now they can actually guarantee faster internet speeds for households. However, without meeting any of these salespeople, we’re unable to verify if they represent legitimate businesses or not. It is unusual for any broadband company to send out salespeople when it’s so easy to sign up or change providers, online.

We would therefore urge CAUTION if your doorbell goes and you’re confronted by broadband salespeople. As good measure,:

  1. NEVER let these callers into your home.
  2. ALWAYS ask for ID and if possible check directly with the company they represent before engaging further. Ask yourself, are they dressed smartly, have lanyards or ID badges?
  3. NEVER give out your bank account details, unless you’re 100% positive about what you’re signing is legitimate.

It’s our understanding that the High Blantyre area has first been targeted this weekend.

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