Our May Donations

Thanks to all the members of the Blantyre Telegraph Supporters group, this month’s collective subscriptions have now gone to help High Blantyre Baptist Church.

We were delighted to hand over £200 earlier last week.

Minister Steve Younger, pictured told us, “Thank you Blantyre Telegraph for this donation for our Church and Sunday Club joint summer trip this year. We missed the last two during lockdowns so we are really looking forward to our fellowship on a “Grand Day Out” together.”

The donation will go towards their visit to David Livingstone Birthplace and the Livingstones Cafe.

June Supporter Subscriptions will be going towards buying fruit trees for the new Blantyre Telegraph Community Garden. With thanks to everybody for their continued support.

Raising money in the Supporters Group is the primary reason Blantyre Telegraph exists. If YOU would like to help Blantyre good causes, and appreciate the effort which goes into freely providing Blantyre Telegraph, why not subscribe to our supporters group and give something back to the community? The small subscription of just £1.79 / month goes back to Blantyre good causes and of course you get exclusive access to ALL Blantyre news, including crime articles, neighbourhood watch alerts, live videos, planning and much more! Subscribe here: https://www.facebook.com/271133402907727/support/ to instantly unlock the big picture for Blantyre!

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