Speedway Memories Event

Speedway superfan John Houston, assisted by members of his Speedway Memories group, has arranged an exhibition of vintage bikes and speedway memorabilia at Summerlee, Coatbridge from 11am to 4pm this Saturday, 11th June 2022.

Memories of Craighead Park and Blantyre Speedway will be amongst the exhibits. Among the attractions at Saturday’s event will be vintage bikes supplied by collectors and speedway stars including former Scottish Open champion Brian Collins, who represented Coatbridge Monarchs and Tigers.

John also plans to host a collection among visitors to the speedway event to collect donations towards the purchase of a defibrillator for public use at the Coatbridge museum.

He added: “The museum have hosted our group for five years and the staff are so good with us and work so hard, so I wanted to do something for them and to help Summerlee.”


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