Station Road Youth Disorder

Residents of Station Road and Woodburn Avenue in Blantyre have been left angry after several recurring incidents with their wheelie bins being deliberately toppled or removed.

Groups of youths were spotted causing this disorder which has upset many local residents though no description is available. Authorities are now involved. Last week was particularly bad as bins were pushed over lying in the street overnight, with birds and foxes ripping apart the contents. Rubbish was strewn all over the pavements and carriageway causing an unsightly mess.

One resident who wishes to remain anonymous told us, “I am elderly and lifting the bin upright is a chore in itself, let alone having to clean up the street.”

Another resident messaged, “Somebody must have CCTV footage of this being done. I’ve had enough and will involve police next time I’m forced to tidy public pavements of my own trash”.

Have your say. Were YOU affected by this? Is the problem also happening in other streets in or around the village area?


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