Blantyre Albion Munro Challenge

On Sunday the 10th of July Blantyre Albion will be taking on the 7 Munros in a day challenge to raise funds for both the Glasgow Childrens Hospital Charity and the club.

They told us, “75% of the proceeds will go to the Charity with the other 25% going to the running and improvement of the football club as we head into the new season.

As the charity associates itself with purple we will be wearing a mix of our new purple kits and jumpers provided by Collection26.

These munros all lead into each other and take around 7-8 hours to complete all in or about the length of one of Andys team talks.”

The list of the 7 munros are as follows;

Ben Lawers

Meall a Choire Leith

Meall Corranaich

Beinn Ghlas

An Stuc

Meall Garbh

Meall Greigh

If anyone would like to help us out on this challenge they’ve set up a GoFundMe which can be found below alongside why they’ve selected the charity and how they’ve personally impacted boys in the team.

Any help is much appreciated!

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