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The West of Scotland paranormal scene (yes… there is a West of Scotland paranormal scene) is booming and there is new player in town, with a Blantyre co founder! Tickets are now available.

From the seances of days gone by to more recent shows like Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters, human beings have always been drawn to the paranormal. Whether we are watching a scary film through our fingers or wondering what we saw out the corner of our eye, we are eternally fascinated by the spine tingling feeling we are not alone.

Brand new paranormal investigation company, Unlocked Paranormal, are here to get to the bottom of that feeling. Formed by Blantyre local woman, Cat and her husband Daniel McLean with their friend Sharon McElhiney of Strathaven, Unlocked Paranormal are visiting some of Scotland’s most haunted locations to seek evidence of paranormal activity.

“We approach everything with a heavy dose of scepticism,” co-founder Cat says. “Growing up in Blantyre, with it’s ritch history, and wandering around my grandparents old house and thinking about it’s previous residents, kick started my interest in all things paranormal!”

Cat goes on to say “We’re not out to make up spooky stories or give people a fright – we visit locations which have a reputation for unexplained activity and use investigative techniques to see if we can explain them! We exhaust every possible rational explanation before defining any event as potentially supernatural.”

The team are holding their debut public event this month, hosting an investigation of Bannockburn House for everyone from seasoned and novice investigators to the merely curious. “Bannockburn is notoriously active”, says co-founder Daniel McLean. “Our team have years of experience and between us have had the privilege of poking around in the dark in some of the country’s most historically significant places, but we all agree Bannockburn House is a strong contender for most haunted. Of course we can never guarantee activity… but Bannockburn hasn’t disappointed us yet.”

Co-founder Sharon McElhiney, said “If there was a recipe for haunted houses then Bannockburn has it all, a bloody history, creepy basements, original period features, hidden rooms and not forgetting royal residents! Whether you’re an avid believer or a complete sceptic, things happen there that just don’t seem to have a rational explanation.”

The team are understandably nervous about the venture. “Launching a company coming out of a pandemic and going into a cost-of-living crisis seems a bit mad, now that we’re actually here.” Says Cat. “Starting a business is time consuming and expensive, and you soon learn you have to become an expert in all sorts of things you had no experience of before like building a website, marketing or even the boring (but essential!) bits like making sure you have the right insurance. After months of that, it feels great to finally be selling tickets and gearing up to our first investigation. It’s scary, but there’s no going back now! We just have to hope the general public are as interested in creeping around these incredible locations as we are and fancy coming along for the ride!”

Details of the team’s debut event are below:

Bannockburn House
July 23rd
8pm till 2am.

Tickets at www.unlockedparanormal.com

Contact: unlockedparanormal@gmail.com

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