Blantyre Leisure Centre Staff

It’s been an incredible week for kindness to fellow humans, and local heroes coming to the rescue in serious medical situations. Another example of this happened on Tuesday morning this week.

A local man unfortunately took a heart attack at Blantyre Leisure Centre whilst in the swimming baths. This shoutout goes out to the very competent leisure centre staff who really did go above and beyond for this man. staff. Indeed, even now whilst the man is in Hairmyres Hospital, they have still been keeping in touch to find out how he’s getting on. His family are so thankful to them for responding professionally and promptly.

Thankfully this man is tonight looking & feeling much better. His daughter told Blantyre Telegraph, “My dad can’t remember the staff names but from the lifeguard to the receptionist, they assisted my dad to get fresh air and called an ambulance straight away which arrived promptly. They’ve also been phoning every couple of days to check in on him which is lovely.”


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