Brief Power Cuts

Residents in Hamilton and Blantyre have been experiencing very brief power cuts just after midday today, Wednesday 17 August 2022. 

Scottish Power Energy Networks statement says the power cuts were confined to G329HN, G413BQ, G72, G720, G7200W, G720AA, G720AD, G720AF, G720AH, G720BN, G720BP, G720BU, G720BW, G720BZ, G720DA, G720DB, G720DD, G720DE, G720DS, G720EA, G720EB, G720ED, G720EE, G720EF, G720EG, G720EH, G720EJ, G720EN, G720EQ, G720ES, G720FB, G720FT, G720FW, G720FX, G720FY, G720FZ, G720GA, G720GB, G720GD, G720GE, G720GF, G720GG, G720GH, G720GJ, G720GL, G720GN, G720GP, G720GQ, G720GR, G720GS, G720GT, G720GU, G720GW, G720GX, G720GY, G720GZ, G720HT, G720JA, G720JB, G720JE, G720JF, G720JG, G720JH, G720JJ, G720JL, G720JN, G720JP, G720JQ, G720JR, G720JT, G720JU, G720JW, G720LF, G720LG, G720LJ, G720LS, G720LT, G720LW, G720LX, G720LY, G720NA, G720ND, G720NE, G720NG, G720NH, G720NJ, G720NL, G720NP, G720NR, G720NS, G720NT, G720NW, G720NY, G720NZ, G720PA, G720PB, G720PD, G720PE, G720PF, G720PP, G720PR, G720PU, G720PZ, G720QB, G720QD, G720QF, G720QH, G720QR, G720QS, G720QT, G720QU, G720QX, G720QY, G720QZ, G720RA, G720RD, G720RF, G720RG, G720RH, G720RJ, G720RP, G720RQ, G720RR, G720RS, G720RT, G720RU, G720RY, G720RZ, G720SB, G720SD, G720TB, G720TD, G720TE, G720TF, G720TG, G720TS, G720TU, G720TX, G720TY, G720TZ, G720UA, G720UL, G720UP, G720US, G720UZ, G720WJ, G720WL, G720WT, G720WU, G720WW, G720WX, G720XA, G720XB, G720XE, G720XG, G720XR, G720XS, G720XU, G720XX, G720XY, G720YA, G720YB, G720YD, G720YF, G720YG, G720YN, G720YP, G720YQ, G720YT, G720YU, G720YW, G720YX, G720YY, G720YZ, G720ZZ, G721AA, G721RS, G721XX, G727EP, G727PG, G729DB, G729JS, L158HD, ML31AA, ML32AA, ML38RH, ML38UU, ML38UY, ML38XB, ML38XD, ML38XE, ML38XG, ML38XH, ML38XJ, ML38XQ, ML39DA, ML39DF, ML39DG, ML39DH, ML39DJ, ML39DN, ML39DQ, ML39DW, ML39EJ, ML39ES, ML39ET, ML39EU, ML39EX, ML39EY, ML39EZ, ML39LF, ML39LG, ML39LH, ML39LJ, ML39NH, ML39NJ, ML39NL, ML39NZ, ML39PA, ML39PE, ML39PF, ML39PG, ML39PQ, ML39PR, ML39PS, ML39PT, ML39PU, ML39PX, ML39PY, ML39PZ, ML39QA, ML39QB, ML39QD, ML39QE, ML39QF, ML39QG, ML39QH, ML39QJ, ML39QL, ML39QQ, ML39QS, ML39QT, ML39QW, ML39RG, ML39RH, ML39RJ, ML39RL, ML39RN, ML39RP, ML39RQ, ML39RR, ML39RS, ML39RT, ML39RU, ML39RW, ML39RX, ML39RY, ML39RZ, ML39SA, ML39SB, ML39SD, ML39SE, ML39SF, ML39SG, ML39SH, ML39SQ, ML39TE, ML39TF, ML39TG, ML39TH, ML39TJ, ML39TL, ML39TN, ML39TP, ML39TQ, ML39TR, ML39TS, ML39TU, ML39TW, ML39TX, ML39UH, ML39UJ, ML39UL, ML39UN, ML39UU, ML39UX, ML39XX, ML39XY, ML39XZ

Power appears to be restored already with the power cuts being very brief. 

We’ll update when SP Energy Networks provide an updated statement. 

Are YOU experiencing power outages in Blantyre or Hamilton today? if so, which streets?


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