Craig delivers excellent Asda Customer Service

Asda Blantyre delivery driver, Craig Brown has been commended for going above and beyond for an elderly customer.

Craig delivers groceries to the customer every week and always stops to have a chat with him.

On this day, the customer didn’t answer the door which wasn’t like him and when Craig had a look around, he noticed the back door was open.  

Craig said:  “I regularly deliver to this customer, he’s quite elderly and a lovely man. He had previously told me he had fallen a couple of times so when I noticed the door was open, I was concerned.

“I decided to ask a neighbour and we both thought it was best to check in on him. Thankfully he was fine, and he was able to get his shopping. I’m glad I was there to make sure he was okay as anything could have happened if he left the door open. He was very grateful and said he was happy to see us.”

Pamela Marshall, Online Trading Manager at Asda Blantyre, said:

“We all know this customer quite well and I’m glad Craig was there to make sure he was okay. Craig showed real care for this customer and it’s not surprising as he’s always going above and beyond in his role. Thank you for all of your hard work, Craig!”


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