Flags Fly Half Mast

Following the death of Her Majesty The Queen, flags across the country are currently flying at half mast.

In South Lanarkshire, this includes the flags outside the council’s headquarters in Almada Street, Hamilton, and the flag that flies over Rutherglen Town Hall.

The council would like to make everyone aware that there will be a temporary change to this situation as part of the national protocols that have been established in conjunction with Buckingham Palace.

Those protocols call for flags to be restored to full mast for the Proclamation of the Accession of the new king. This will take place at St James Palace in London on Saturday 10 September at 11am, followed by a number of local proclamations on Sunday 11 September.

Flags in South Lanarkshire will therefore be flown at full mast from 11am on Saturday until 1pm on Sunday.

After that time, they will be lowered again to half mast, where they will remain until after the period of national mourning.


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