Kear Campus ‘Unfit for Purpose’

The existing Blantyre School at Kear Campus for social, emotional and behavioural needs has been deemed ‘unfit for purpose’ by South Lanarkshire Council and faces an uncertain future.

The SEBN Kear School on Bardykes Road, Blantyre has a multi level design no longer suitable for pupils and a host of other issues, including inadequate sound proofing. Following extensive reviews, it has been concluded that it has fundamental limitations in its design, layout and specification in relation to provision of a positive learning environment for vulnerable young people.

The £4m school, not even a decade old, commenced construction in August 2013 and the building was up and largely completed by Spring 2014. But its future is now uncertain, as South Lanarkshire Council’s executive committee met this week with members approving plans to establish a brand new SEBN Secondary School in Stonehouse. Construction costs for this new facility are estimated to be £14 million.

The new proposals still have some way to go, with no plans at present to close the Blantyre school anytime soon. Nor has any comment been made yet about the possible re-use of the building at a later date.

Kear can accommodate up to 60 pupils and some of those attending are considered the most vulnerable in Lanarkshire. Those attending Kear campus have complex additional support needs that cannot be met with the mainstream school model for varied and individual reasons.

Speaking of the new proposal in Stonehouse, Provost Margaret Cooper said, “I would like to say that I fully endorse and support this and I really feel that the approach is suitable.”

Councillor Katy Loudon added, “Having visited the current school, I agree there is a need for a new facility and I appreciate the officers’ work for getting to this point. The current facility is not fit for purpose but I would like to thank the staff for all the work that has been done there.”

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