New Food Champion

A new Food Champion has been appointed for South Lanarkshire Council.

Councillor Ross Gowland will act as an ambassador, at local and national levels, representing the council’s position and vision in relation to food.

He will advocate Good Food as defined in the Good Food Strategy by taking into account all aspects of food from farm to fork.

Councillor Gowland said: “I am very proud to have been appointed the council’s first Food Champion.

“I’m looking forward to getting out there and creating more links with the community.

“We want people, including food stakeholders, to influence and participate in the development of a Good Food Council.

“This is very much a role that balances working with local food groups but also being aware of the bigger picture nationally.

“There is lots of work ahead, and of course the cost of food is also at the front of many people’s minds at the moment, but I am looking forward to and relishing the opportunities ahead.”


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